Consulting for banks, insurance companies, and corporates on the challenges of transformation, valuation, and management of financial risks.
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Neodvisory is a consultancy firm that assists its clients with challenges related to financial products and risks, undertaking missions in modeling, measurement, compliance, efficiency, and transformation.

Deep industry expertise, a culture of innovation, structured approaches, and passion are the cornerstone factors ensuring the success of our teams.

To help you understand, model, and manage your financial risks with precision, meet regulatory requirements, enhance your processes, and optimize your performance, we offer industry experts who place quality and client satisfaction at the heart of their value proposition.

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Valuation As A Service
We periodically value your financial contracts (financing, derivative products...) whether simple or complex, and provide you with access to a comprehensive interactive dashboard accompanied by all the documentation of the methods and data used.
Risk As A Service
We calculate the mark-to-market of your portfolios of simple or structured products, as well as the indicators necessary for the understanding and management of your financial risks and for regulatory reporting.
We also provide you with access to an interactive dashboard and the documentation of the methods and data used for the regulator and your Statutory Auditors.
IFRS9 As A Service
We conduct your effectiveness tests, assist you in the implementation and update of the split accounting for your debts, regularly value the derivative portion, and provide you with the corresponding accounting entries.
We also provide you with access to an interactive dashboard and the documentation of the methods and data used for your Statutory Auditors.
IFRS16 As A Service
We provide you with a SaaS tool for managing your contract base, define and document the calculation method for Marginal Borrowing Rate (MBR) tables in accordance with the normative text and best practices, periodically calculate the MBR tables and associated impacts, as well as the corresponding accounting entries.
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Support you continuously with our As A Service offers

Optimizing your performance, valuing financial contracts, managing your risks, or preparing your financial statements are just a fraction of the tasks that occupy you daily.

To address these recurring needs, we have built a service offering that combines a comprehensive consulting service, detailed dashboards tailored to your requirements, and ongoing support from our experts who are always available to answer your queries and those of your supervisors (regulators, Statutory Auditors, internal audit/inspection, etc.).

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